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The past few years have brought tremendous changes to the world of quilting. Magazines and book publishers have shuttered or merged with other publishers.American Quilter Society has ceased publishing books all together. Tension has arisen at times between genres of quilters who perceive one genre being intolerant to another. The ages of our students ranged from twenty-somethings to retirees.Younger quilters had student debt, insecure jobs and looming college and retirement costs that prevented them from spending as much time or money on quilting.If we had a studio sale with fabric deeply discounted, the 50 crowd would spend hundreds of dollars and the 30-somethings would buy 4 fat quarters. So we never drank the Kool-Aid about modern quilters or young quilters saving our shrinking industry. Hiring designers based on the number of Instagram followers instead of talent will not save our industry.Of course, the book provoked many thoughts and questions for me – as I’m sure it did for anyone who read it.And if you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend it – and don’t worry, it’s not like an Oprah selection book that leaves you despairing and depressed at the end.However, watching businesses related to quilting close affects all of us.Please share in the comments section anything you can think of to support the quilting world.

Retirees had large stashes and both the time and money to make lots of quilts.

If you want a certain fabric your local shop doesn’t carry, ask if they would be willing to order it.

We are fortunate right now to have more work than we can manage.

Can we decide that each quilt is made by someone who loves quilting as much as you do?

If you don’t like the way quilt competitions are structured, suggest a new category.

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