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Each row of the table will involve the same computation but with different data, and we'll do this repetitive work using a function. At one level, it is a sequence of symbols on a page such as this one.

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We'll flag the two styles in the section titles, but later chapters will mix both styles without being so up-front about it.

This chapter is divided into sections that skip between two quite different styles.

In the "computing with language" sections we will take on some linguistically motivated programming tasks without necessarily explaining how they work.

We hope this style of introduction gives you an authentic taste of what will come later, while covering a range of elementary concepts in linguistics and computer science.

If you have basic familiarity with both areas, you can skip to 5; we will repeat any important points in later chapters, and if you miss anything you can easily consult the online reference material at — the program that will be running your Python programs.

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