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While good food helps, cheaper options are the preferred choice for many young singles with tighter budgets (and future swipes to get to).

Here's a selection of top first date venues in Seattle, from casual to cozy to romantic, whether it's your first time or your next time.

Obviously, the biggest draw for this punk-themed Mexican dive bar is its location, but it's also known for its tasty margaritas, and it's a low-key amazing spot for gluten-free and vegan-friendly dishes.

Invite your date to endless chips and dip, or split early and bury your toes on the beach. A former bank that feels more like a British bistro than a cafe in Pioneer Square, the London Plane is an intriguing hybrid, effortless in its execution.

“We ended up talking about all the things you aren’t supposed to talk about on a first date: Religion and politics and philosophy and past relationships and marriage.

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Depending on your worldview, first dates can be exhilarating or downright terrifying (or, more commonly, a healthy mix of both).

“One Halloween, David and I dressed like Dick’s workers.

We had the Dick’s t-shirt and the little hats and fake cheeseburgers.

surveyed its users and then announced the Top 10 First Date Spots in Seattle. They met online, so the first time they officially met was at Safeco. “This is last September 11th and so it was the 10 year anniversary.

Siiri Sampson’s first date with Harrison was at a Mariners game.

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