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He may actually have the potential to become a pro designer/rapper/weight lifter, but a relationship based on potential alone is doomed to fizzle out.A great Sagittarius boyfriend will bring adventure and excitement into your life, whereas the Sagittarius fuckboy won't even bother to text as he hops on a plane to wherever the next flight out is headed.Oh, and we celebrated 17 years of marriage this year. She was right, but now my game was over."It is both cute and funny at the same time. These were not fun, love bites..were in an argument and the crazy broad got violent. I finally slapped her so she would release her jaw from my ass. My wife leaves her cereal bowl on the bar every morning.Every single morning, she eats a bowl of cereal, absentmindedly sets it down, and gets ready for her day and forgets about it. If I don't put it in the sink, she'll stack them on the counter.I took ,000 in credit card debt (to pay off the guilt I felt for leaving her) and lived in a shack to save up money.Within a year or so I had paid off the bills and started watching my bank account grow and grow. He yelled at me and accused me of cheating because he found another man's pubic hair on my toilet seat. He still didn't believe me when I got the dog and compared its fur to the hair found on the toilet seat. I said "I went to do it but got distracted and I didn't." He decided to teach me a lesson by speeding the car up and then slamming the brakes on and stopped before hitting the car in front of us stopped at the lights.I can't stand the guy either, I'm pretty sure he's cheating on her.

It got weirder when she took me out to her backyard to show me the "exact spot" where he was standing (even though she claimed to never have seen him).He resents the feeling of owing you an explanation, so he ignores it entirely.After dating this girl for about a year, her parents surprised me with a contract stating I would propose to my gf within three months!! In the end she said she wanted to cut herself and not me, but I wasn't cool with any of that.The warning bells started ringing, and I got the feeling this was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Either she does too and choose to ignore it or thinks she deserves it.Makes me really sad to see her get taking advantage of.

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