Sapphic dating

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So here I was, lying on my deck chair in the middle of July, soaking up the sun and thinking about what mom and I might do on our European vacation. I nodded lazily, unwilling to make the effort to talk.The back door opened and out came my mom, wiggling by me with a drink in her hand as she went to sit in the whirlpool attached to the big pool. Mom never minded when I was nude and I didn't care if she was.I'd seen her butt countless times, today I was just enjoying it on some other level I had never been aware of before.Still naked but drying herself off with a towel, she walked on over to me and set her drink on the tiny glass table between us before adjusting the large parasol behind the chairs.So, now that I was eighteen and three days, I decided to continue with my merry existence.I'd graduated with excellent grades and my mother agreed to let me just have a year off before picking a university.Well, let me explain that a little- my dad died about nine years ago, but I like to think he is still watching over me, smiling with approval whenever I get my good grades.

"That's very kind, baby, but not really on my docket right now. I squeezed some of the viscous bronze goop into my hand and them began smearing it all over her back and shoulders."That's probably enough sun, darling," she said, smiling down at me. "It really helped after that last little workout session." "Oh, please, you make it sound like you're nine-hundred years old," I giggled, sitting up somewhat to look at her."Don't want you to burn." "Mmmm, thanks mom," I murmured as I felt the shade envelop me. "We've been over this, you're not even thirty-five, you look amazing and you're in incredible shape.All characters portrayed in sexual activity are eighteen years of age or older.This story was a request from a reader and dedicated to them.

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