Rush limbaughs dating again

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Now she's blogging about 3-legged dogs after he dumped her for not being able to travel with him. Notices: By participating on this discussion board, visitors agree to abide by the rules outlined on our Rules page.

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Rush has advertisers and contracts, which seem to not be an issue, as I hear lots of folks advertising on his show, i Heart will need a steady income to manage the bankruptcy process.

Also once a company enter bankruptcy, financial transactions are enforced and managed by a third party. I listen to Rush almost daily -- not start to finish. But radio is in a world of hurt, talk radio in particular.

"Rush has such amazing experience."Money can't buy love, it can only rent it on a short-term basis. Rushbo's 57...overweight, has a history of addiction and "risky behavior".

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The senior debt holders — senior because the have the first claim to assets if a company goes out of business — believe the stock transfer constitutes a default and might call their debt within 60 days.That default would have a cascading effect, triggering defaults on other debts the company owes.Pittman has been able to wrangle a 14-day restraining order, however creditors threaten to force i Heart Media into bankruptcy.At least the Braves were smart enough to not pay Ruth the equivalent of million.Yet hes still on I cant stand him but he is as said, the highest rated Talk Radio personality I put it all down to the LWNJ set mewling about Air America going down the tubes. )But if that realization ever leads me to roll on my back while laughing hysterically, I hope that someone shoots me in the head before I become a danger to my friends and family.

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