Running dating website

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In section i6 of this web site they admit to everything we have stated in our review. They admit to sending automated emails and they also admit to hiring people that are paid to chat with you etc.Read the terms that we have copied from their site below.(Fake message we received in under 60 seconds of joining the site.) (More fake messages we received.) Like we mentioned this site is involved in fabricating fictitious profiles specifically of females.This website along with most dating sites has more than enough male members what they lack is real females who register on their service.Are you unemployed, do you want a job chatting with people on a dating site? Gonna hires people who sit at a desk and are paid a wage to interact and chat with people.The main role of these individuals is to get you to buy a membership and also to keep you paying for a monthly subscription as long as they can. We don't know if the employees or contractors are paid on a hourly basis or a weekly basis, but it doesn't really matter.With the concocted profiles they create hundreds and possibly thousands of fake profiles for their make believe dating services.What we like to do is use a software tool called Tin Eye which lets us quickly investigate and identify if a profile is using photographs taken from other sources online. As you can see from the evidence below we have shown you 4 profiles as proof.

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The list includes No Strings, Sex,,, Passion, and Using automated bots to send their members fake email communications is only one tactic that use to try and scam you.You sign up as a free member on Gonna Bang shortly thereafter you will start receiving email messages from different women.All these sites are run by the same group of crooks.These criminals create fake dating sites using the same template over and over again.

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