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Bu bölgedeki diğer tesislerle karşılaştırıldığında konuklar burasının konumunu daha çok beğeniyor.

Çiftler özellikle burayı tercih ediyor - iki kişilik bir seyahat için bu tesise 9,4 puan verdiler.

“Not only is it distinct in colour, but also in sweetness: we prefer not to over-sugar it and actually use a honey made in Luxembourg instead of sugar.” Bound to keep you toasty on a cold evening, this mulled white wine follows in the vein of the Vins Fins philosophy: to be as local and organic as possible, not only for the quality, but also to lessen their carbon footprint.

“We chose the Happy Duchy Elbling, a simple wine that mixes excellently with spices, and is quite acidic, which is complemented well by the honey. ” Happy Duchy is a small independent producer that uses organic grapes to make wine, crémant and juice.

You will get a warm welcoming and delicious breakfast!

At this year’s market, open until 23 December, the Vins Fins stand will be selling mulled white wine, made from local ingredients.

Passionate about organic and biodynamic wines, Rostislava and François decided to offer an alternative to the standard red wine version by instead using a white wine as the base.

Bu tesis ayrıca Berkovitsa şehrindeki en iyi fiyat/fayda oranına sahip!

Bu şehirdeki diğer tesislerle karşılaştırıldığında konuklar paralarının karşılığında daha fazlasını alıyorlar.

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