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Brin and Page believed that they could find the most important web pages on the internet by assuming that the most important pages would be linked to more often and by better sites than sites that were less important., for example, has been linked to by over 300,000,000 other websites, many of which are very important sites (New York Times, etc.).





Knowing that the system is based on links, we can determine that in order to increase the Page Rank of one of our web pages, we will need to increase the amount of web pages that are linking to our page.This lesson will cover two important aspects of SEO – Page Rank and keyword authority.There are literally hundreds of factors that search engines use to rank pages, so this lesson is not intended to be the ‘be all’ of lessons on SEO.It can also, of course, mean that we are doing a better job with some of the other metrics than the other sites.Now that we have determined that Page Rank and keyword authority are two separate beasts, we can discuss how to create keyword authority.

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