Riflebirds dating

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Would the volunteers stick with the man they had chosen first, or would they switch to the new man?

The results showed that people were more likely to stick with the man they had chosen first, even though in this instance, the commitment had lasted little more than a minute or two.

Some might find that a tough choice, and many research studies have sought to investigate how, and why, humans trade one trait off against another.

Further complicating the matter is a question recently posed by Gul Gunaydin of Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey.

” Of course, this is likely to be a question that many of us who have a long-term partner grapple with often.

Just because a person has a partner doesn’t mean that they close their eyes to all alternatives.

She and her colleagues realized that in all of the existing research studies, volunteers had been tasked with choosing between two alternative partners who were new.

They would make a series of decisions in concert with another volunteer — a man — whom they would meet momentarily.The research assistant then apologized: “Oh no, did I give you profiles earlier?There should have been one more.” They would then go fetch a fourth profile for the volunteer to consider.You might want a physically attractive partner, but also someone who is honest, dependable, ambitious, kind, generous, and the list goes on.No one (except Ryan Gosling) can hope to score a perfect 10 in every category.

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