Redating matthew mark and luke

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The hypothesis holds that Matthew was written first, by Matthew the Evangelist (see the Gospel According to the Hebrews and the Jewish-Christian Gospels).Mark the Evangelist wrote the Gospel of Mark second and used Matthew and the preaching of Peter as sources.These and other matters are raised and alternate resolutions proposed by proponents of competing hypotheses, such as the Two-source hypothesis, its related Q hypothesis, the Farrer hypothesis, and others.

Rather than seen as a refutation to the hypothesis, instead these discrepancies are often cited in defense of the hypothesis because they counter the argument that the entire tradition is merely a repetition of Papias's original assertion (therefore, if he were wrong, the great many historical sources supporting the theory would be inconsequential).Last of all, aware that the physical facts had been recorded in the gospels, encouraged by his pupils and irresistibly moved by the Spirit, John wrote a spiritual gospel.This source claims multiple authorities of antiquity, not merely Papias; this is taken as evidence against the view that the testimony of the Fathers is based solely upon the witness of Papias.A radical thesis; the intractable problem; building a synoptic theory - the relation of Luke to Mark, the relation of Luke to Matthew, the relation of Matthew to Mark; ancient testimony to Matthew's gospel; ancient testimony to Mark's gospel; the date of Peter's going to Rome; Mark's gospel - further considerations; ancient testimony to Luke's gospel; how were the gospels written?; Jesus-tradition oral and written; when were the gospels written?

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