Red flags on dating men

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He might be really nice to you, but if he's really horrible to everyone else, chances are he'll be that way with you too at some point.Source: Shutter Stock dzendian Male: When a straight man is only nice to women, he's usually a scumbag in my opinion.

When we’re distracted by charm or the way someone looks, it’s easy to ignore these things…

If he wants to be part of everything you do, that's not cute or protective, it's controlling. Good chance if they are doing these that they are just after sex until there next goal women appears.

It might seem obvious but I have known some of these guys and women fall for 'the game' if you will time and time again.

2) Does he understand money, even if he doesn't have any.

Does he have any savings at all, even if it's just a hundred bucks that he scrimps from his paychecks.

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