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Of course this is no substitution for communication within the team.For example, if Alice’s migration removed a table that Bob’s migration assumed to exist, then trouble would certainly strike.Migrations are stored in files in timestamp identifying the migration followed by an underscore followed by the name of the migration.The migration class’ name must match (the camelcased version of) the latter part of the file name.In general editing existing migrations is not a good idea: you will be creating extra work for yourself and your co-workers and cause major headaches if the existing version of the migration has already been run on production machines.

You will have to unpick the changes that were made by hand.These days, we are monitoring this issue:when one was developing a utility that monitors log files as they are updated.On 2003, opening the log file folder in explorer, you can see the timestamp and files size change before your eyes each time the log is updated.Reversing this migration is as simple as dropping the table. You can also use them to fix bad data in the database or populate new fields: .A migration is just a regular Ruby class so you’re not limited to these functions.

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