Radiometric dating controversy

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A complete surrender to the inerrant Word of God is such a beautiful thing. Ice cores from Greenland have been dated back more than 40,000 years, by counting annual layers.” Now THE RECORD.

It delivers a life void of confusion, a life void of uncertainty, a life filled with God’s love, a life filled with God’s eternal purpose. The evolutionist camp routinely finds itself trying to explain away embarrassingly obvious findings that contradict its presuppositions.

The airplanes abandoned there 39 years earlier were nowhere in sight.

In retrospect, it seems obvious that the airplanes would be buried under a good deal of ice. "That year the tail wasn’t sticking out, so they were ten feet under," Pat Epps says, recalling the team’s confidence.

Believing upon the Lord Jesus Christ and surrendering to the Holy Scriptures is the open door to God’s beauty. Consider, for example, the dinosaur, evolution’s poster child.

Your situation can most definitely change in mere minutes. Click onto “Further With Jesus” for shocking beauty. GOD SAID, Exodus : , concerning the issue of Noah’s Ark: “Why is there no evidence of a flood in ice core series?

And it immediately became obvious why they hadn’t been located earlier.

Evidence continues to pour in, but unbelievers simply shrug their shoulders.The following excerpts are taken from Richard Taylor echoes this observation: "It’s totally featureless.It doesn’t change." But when Taylor and Epps formed the Greenland Expedition Society in 1981 and traveled that year to the coordinates the B‑17 crew members had recorded, they discovered change did come to the ice cap.But they didn’t find them on their second visit to Greenland later that year, or their third, or their fourth.Still Epps, Taylor, and an ever‑growing group of volunteers remained undeterred.

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