Post op mtf dating dating service single utah

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So you expect people to be sympathetic because you chose to be a transsexual woman ?youre on a dating site that doesnt really cater to your situation, you cannot expect most people to understand, your best bet is to go to sites that caters to transsexuals that way you dont have to explain things.Genitoplasty can result in a penis of up to 7 inches in length and 5.9 inches in circumference.

I'm sure you are right about some not telling,and that's just plain unfair and deceptivebut I don't imagine that's why they are reluctant to date a TS women who does tell.Hell many natural women have problems dating I cant imagine what youre going through. I believe he's the one who didn't have any surgery on his vagina though. She was a beauty before all those hormone shots and body building tho! part of the process, but it isn't what they do to make a penis.There are other dating sites more geared towards Post Op females. Out of curiosity,is there a "surgery" for female to male beyond breast removal,and have you had it done?I assume they simply give females male hormones to make thier clits grow,(not to mention facial hair and muscles) and that's about all they can do to make a penis for you.

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