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Dez Roxygirl - ← Hey Girl ....it's your old pal Living Dead Girl, another beautiful write. I'm sorry you had to go through this but I know you... I actually got flack from one of my married sorority sisters saying I should be ashamed of myself but I just had to shut her down and tell her to stop being so judgmental. Most of his staff is black, and I found out that I was specifically hired as press secretary since I am white.

Some of the black boys tried to date me, but given my background, I wasn’t willing to go that far.They considered those girls to be somehow sullied and untouchable, after fucking black cocks and taking their cum.And anyway, I started dating a white boy named David in my junior year, and we were married right after graduation.After graduation we moved to Montgomery since David got a good job there in the healthcare industry, and I wanted to be near the seat of political activity.My goal was to work on staff for politicians and to be involved in the cyclical political campaigns as well.

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