Plume bloom dating

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That year, they found several fragments of wood in one melting ice patch that turned out to be an entire, 340 year old willow hunting bow. There are wooden arrows and dart shafts so fine you can’t believe someone sat down with a stone and made them,” Andrews said.

In 2000 Andrews finally raised the money to buy aerial photographs of the Mackenzie Mountains of the Yukon Territory of Canada.It appears ancient caribou hunters knew well the animals habits.In the hot summer months the caribou would seek shelter in the shaded sides of mountains and lay down on the always frozen ice patches.As bodies of ice retreat around the world at incredible rates, one benefit is for archaeologists and history lovers as previously buried and lost ancient artifacts are uncovered and found.Here are ten example of recent archeological discoveries made possible by global warming and the melting of ice sheets all over the world.

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