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As a Hospital Chaplain, Drew has been at the bedside of many as they’ve breathed their last breath.As a former Pastor, Drew has walked family members through the loss of loved ones.You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy.

After returning to Canada in his early twenties, and having never played a game of football in his life, he took a shot at becoming a pro-football player and began playing semi-pro, which led to NFL & CFL tryouts. He and his family drove around North America for six months, volunteering at over 50 non-profit camps for kids.

As host of Canada’s most listened to spiritual talk show since 2003, he’s interviewed spiritual leaders, cultural influencers, and yes… He’s spoken with Marie Osmond about her Mormonism, Larry King about his Agnosticism, Alice Cooper about his Christianity, Sinead O’Connor about her Rastafarian Catholicism, and Penn Jillette about his Atheism.

His quest to understand has taken him to Israel for a month where he meditated at the Wailing Wall; wept at Jerusalem’s Holocaust Memorial; stayed at an orphanage in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve; herded sheep in Nazareth; and camped in the Judean desert during the worst sand-storm in 50 years.

He’s slept at Stonehenge, taken the pilgrimage to a monastic Mecca in the Scottish Hebrides, and waited for the tide to go out before traveling across the mystical road to Holy Island off the coast of England.

Drew has prayed amongst ancient aboriginal petroglyphs in Australia.

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