Pc shield delux is not updating

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Needless to say, I didn't sell my car but the guys at Auto Trader are a bit richer.:(Whoever ruined the Obamacare website must be the same person who made Auto

It was apparent to us that this scheme was an effort by the dealers to discount the value of the vehicle and give us the impression that the vehicle was worth less... All I needed to do was to set-up a Pay Pal account as that was the only way they could pay for the vehicle. When scrolling through you literally see the same car posted 4 times in a row on a single page. Only got repeated txt and emails from scammers wanting to buy car with Pay Pal. I also advertised on Car Gurus and which are free and received a ton of page hits and inquiries...I'm going to upgrade to Windows 10 anyway so I'm wondering whether to ignore it and go ahead with the upgrade? I updated all the apps on my PC but the factory installed app "Hearts Deluxe" will not update. Since this app is installed with windows I can't reinstall. One dealer claimed there was hail damage to the top of the car... Had Auto Zone replace it at my expense and have to get the tire pressure light checked. Just look at all the bad reviews with the same issues, etc... Don't bother wasting your time or money advertising on Autotrader.there in fact was a few dings that we never noticed and an average consumer would never had seen either. I thought even used cars sales had a warranty and a responsibility to the buyer at least in NY. He will say they got me a great interest rate, my credit got me that. I placed 2 ads on and have gotten nothing but scam requests, so not only did I waste 0 but now my email address has been exposed to scam artists. Back to Craigslist or Backpage for me or I heard in another post. I spent over 0 and ran my ad for over 2 months while decreasing the price weekly.

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