Pandigital firmware not updating

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But still you can have a try with the lock pattern until you remember some or atleast a part of it. If you have entered the wrong pattern five times then you need to wait for another 30 seconds to unlock the device.Pattern Unlock " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-6454" src=" alt="Pattern Unlock" width="200" height="300" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw, 200px" / The problem is that while hard resetting your phone, you might not be able to backup any data and the personal stuff could be gone, but there is no workaround for it except for a few tools available for the computer, connecting which you would be able to browse the file system if the phone allows, and you can at least try to backup the data before you hard reset your Android phone.

i have now in the last year alone not even have owned one of these silly things, so let it be made known, if you continue, your on your own!

but since it was supposed to be a "e-reader" the manufacture locked down the front end of the system (not cool guys) so it would preform one task and one task only, but were gonna change that and this is how: btw: your gonna need a sd card:]UPDATE! due to users being fruskrated with thier device regardless what they try to do to it, i am including a list of urls that will tell how to restore the device back to factory settings so they can return it and get their money back cause ill admit it the pandigital novel is a complete piece of crap not worth the money. Page ID=391so first you'll need the new firmware download it from this(( link: this is the crappy manufacturers version)) ((jackbox version much better)) this is the new firmware the manufacturer released once they discovered that people were doing bare installs of android without any difficulty trust me, its much better than a bare install.

after a large community response to the flaws with pandigital's download site and their android open platform , and a desire to have the android market place, the ability to change the background, retain the ability to read E-books, and many other features its lacked, i have done extensive research into how to add this functionality back in, but in doing so i have discovered someone who has already done so, this individual goes by the name jackbox he is a member of the slatedroid forum he released 3 versions of his work all of which i have briefly tested and the best one is his second version which you can download from media fire here their is only one problem with it is that you still cant change the background easily but i found an app called Andro Paint Lite which can be installed by just copying it to the sd card and selecting it through the file browser to install it, this should give you the ability to change the background which you can download from this instructable. once you have downloaded the file, copy it to your sd card and then your almost half way now!

You are rating my service, The B&N account does not recognize my email address, under which I registered. I have had several conversations with the B&N techs regarding the problem and have changed the account email and the password XXXXX times in an effort to solve the problem, to no avail.

Three different techs have said they feel the software or firmware on the Nova needs to be updated, having made that decision based on the error messages I have gotten on the Nova. Yes, I did reset the Nova back to factory settings and started over.

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