Pagdating ng hapon sa pilipinas

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Photocopy all your documents and submit them your form, along with your Certificate of Singleness, Birth Certificate and 2 passport size picture.

Upon completion and submitting all required documents you will get the schedule of your wedding. On your wedding day be sure to let 2 of your Ninangs/Ninongs to sign as a witness.

If there are no primary and secondary beneficiaries, meaning there are no dependent spouse, no children, no dependent parents, the benefits can be claimed by the beneficiaries written in the deceased member’s SSS records (SSS E1 or SSS E4 forms).

The SSS Citizen’s Charter states that the following can be designated as SSS Beneficiaries provided they are dependent on the deceased member at the time of death: a. Parents and their legitimate children and the legitimate and illegitimate children of the latter c. Legitimate brothers and sisters, whether full blood or half blood Secondary beneficiaries receive a one-time lump sum. Two adult children, one was 28 and the other was 23, filed their claim after each of their fathers died.

If the deceased member accumulated less than 36 monthly contributions, beneficiaries get a one-time lump sum.

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What SSS did was it divided the benefits between the 2 beneficiaries: in the first case, 50% for the son and 50% for the aunt, and for the other case, 50% for the daughter and 50% for the cousin.Here are the types and hierarchy of SSS Beneficiaries: (they stop being primary beneficiaries if they get married) Primary beneficiaries get a monthly pension if the deceased member accumulated at least 36 monthly contributions.They can choose to get the first 18 monthly pensions in advance, as a one-time lump sum and then start receiving their monthly pension on the 19th month.When an SSS member dies, his or her SSS beneficiaries get a death benefit from SSS.The amount of death benefit and whether it will be a one-time lump sum or monthly pension will depend on the member’s number of monthly contributions, credited years of contributions, last 60 monthly contributions, and whether the beneficiaries are primary or secondary.

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