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With sync issues you are usually missing emails in Outlook and not in webmail.However, you do want to pay a bit more attention to folders you recently moved emails into and your Sent Items folder.Is there any way to get Outlook to sync or download these emails again?Corruptions in the cache are rare (especially for Exchange based accounts) but can still happen under various circumstances like an unexpected shutdown or crash of your computer or Outlook.Is there any way to speed up IMAP performance in Outlook 2010?While IMAP performance is slower than for POP3, Exchange or Hotmail account in Outlook, long hangs or even crashes of Outlook should not happen./Cleanprofile only replaces any registry keys that might be missing, so you wont have to worry about recreating you custom rules or views.

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As Outlook checks for messages to update when switching folders and thus communicates with the IMAP server, applying this hotfix could also have a positive impact on the performance of that process. familyid=9EC51594-992C-4165-A997-25DA01F388F5&displaylang=en If none of the above work might just want to try running Clean Profile Starting with Outlook closed Start No, it's not a recent upgrade from 2003.I'll have to use it for a couple of days to know for sure.Using Outlook 2007 with imap, NOT on exchange server, I frequently get pauses of 10 - 30 seconds while status bar says "updating cached messages." Everything I've read about this message says it has to do with exchange server settings. note: I did try disabling ALL plugins, and (maybe) this has made an improvement. The mail works fine with Thunderbird and (though I haven't checked recently) Outlook 2003. I really don't want to have to do all my rules over again.

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