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Dating websites are the perfect place for scammers.

But in the last decade or so, the game of looking for love has gotten some new rules, with the venue moving from the bar world to the the cyber world.

knows this, yet still collects .99 a month from its Subscribers, all the while perpetuating a scheme to the detriment and d...

Compatibility assessment: It was difficult to even remember who Evan was, so it’s fair to say he probably didn’t have what it takes to keep a woman like Mindy interested.

Ingen udenlandske scammers På Endate har vi nogle top-tunede automatiske mekanismer som sørger for, at udenlandske scammers aldrig får adgang til hjemmesiden.

Vores robot låser automatisk sådanne profiler straks ved oprettelse og vi oplever yderst sjældent, at en scammer slipper igennem.

In August in England, eight weeks after the summer solstice, the direct heat from the sun on a fine day feels much hotter than it does in April, eight weeks before the solstice, although its elevation is the same.

I made a little money from it, but sold it on as I was focusing on other projects.

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