Older girls dating younger guys problem

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Family and friends can react negatively to you dating an older man.

Friends might feel that he won't fit in with your social group.

He might even still be married, so if he's unwilling to introduce you to his friends or family, you need to find out why.

If you do decide that you are in it for the long haul, understand that he will reach old age before you and that you are likely to end up as his carer.

Many people in inter-generational relationships are in them for genuine reasons, but there are some older men who date younger women for motives which are unlikely to result in a long, loving relationship.

This is a subject you need to discuss with your partner early on, before you get too serious.

Some older men are happy enough to start a first or second family, but others who already have older offspring might not want to do it again.

However, meet your friends without him sometimes if it makes them more comfortable.

Families only want the best for you and would like to see you with someone your own age.

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