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They may not be out in real-life, and could be in a dangerous situation were they to discuss their sexuality publicly, so they explore online, with the safety of a username.A person who’s trans but not yet out may use photos of themselves the gender they are, rather than the gender they’re currently perceived as, and a chosen name.While unicorn__jizz might not sound particularly pleasant to you, it could be a very easy way for someone to get across they have an interest in unicorn play. And our sexual preferences shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of – so why is Ok Cupid loudly making them a joke? But then you get into the implications of throwing your ‘real’ name on to a dating website and having things go wrong.

They did this in a blog post, in which they shared usernames that they believe are the ‘worst’.

Those who avoid Tinder and the like because of its publicness (you have to link your account to Facebook, and your profile can easy show up to people you may not want to be aware of your dating life) are being pushed out even by the more outdated dating sites like Ok Cupid.

Now, we’re running out of places to go where we feel safe.

Considering their blog post calls out the 16,411 people with ‘horny’ in their username, it seems likely that more sexual words will make the banned list.

Because apparently, people are not allowed to publicly present their sexual preferences in the form of a name. It’s the idea that anything sexual – This is coming from the same website whose preliminary matching questionnaire included questions asking whether the world would be a better place if those with low IQ weren’t able to reproduce, whether someone would prefer to go out with someone of their own race, and ‘do you believe that there’s a correlation between race and intelligence? So sharing inflammatory, racist, sexist, and ableist views is allowed on the site, but expressing your love for a particular kink isn’t? It’s not their job to decide what’s appropriate or not appropriate, to draw boundaries of things that are dirty and things that are sweet and romantic.

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