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You can use THIS site to sign up for a free number, ( and you can actually use the site on another device, a computer, tablet, or smart phone on the NF website. I am experimenting with fun new ways to use it to drain your wallet. You can send it 24 hours a day, and as soon as I can I will respond. I want to see just how fast I can completely fuck him over! This week he spent 8, so above average for him 🙂 and finally my wallet rape toy spent 0. 8,000 on Niteflirt and about another ,000 in gifts and gift cards) He did that in only 3 years and 8 months, averaging about 8 a day.

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Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries, including the United States, Great Britain, France, Canada, Malaysia, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Iran.

and titfool gets noted for spending over 3 dollars on Me this week. Yum My #1 spender of all time, princess gigi did 1 this week. Egghead spent 4 on PTVs with Me this week, and lifetime he’s up to about ,600. and walletfucking cumstain appeared again this week for 9, Hey you fist pumper, there are more from that set you will like!

and a separate high stakes PTV session another day. She’s been with Me for 7 years and has spent just under 5,000 total. Mmmm Another big lifetime spender that made the report this week was egghead.

After the huge fuckover I gave star junkie a week or two ago, I rubbed some salt in his cash wound with another 4 taken from him! It’s REAL submission, as real as if I had you bound with straps to a rack.

New to Me and My blog is money bunny, who spent nearly 0 (1) on obsessive click and pay flurries! We did one in honor of My finally hitting #1, which he noticed on his own. As real as if you were kneeling at My feet and offering yourself up to a spanking.

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