Nintendo dating simulator love plus

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Although the series has seen several games across Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, and even a prior appearance on i OS, it has never been localized for overseas audiences.

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There’s nothing quite like returning to your DS to find your virtual girlfriend telling you how mad she is or ignoring your messages.You’ll tell her you love her, even on the public bus home, right?One of the other things you’ve probably heard about Love Plus is the ability to touch your virtual girlfriend with the DS stylus. I’m not here to just to perv on little girls.” Each of the Love Plus girls have their own personality, ranging from warm and comfortable, to distanced, clingy or kind-of-friendly.In this game, you will meet three pretty girls at your high school. Your goal for the first part of the game is to try to get close to the girls and to get one girl to be your girlfriend within 100 days.One nice feature of this game is that it is fully voiced.

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