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“People are very cowardly and don’t want to hurt or offend people, and they’re not able to articulate something kind and compassionate and simple.” But everyone is owed that decency, and if you’re not interested, don’t leave the person hanging and simply hope they figure it out.Instead, Carbino suggests the following: “ That’s all you have to say!Based on her data, she shared best practices with It’s simple but often overlooked: “You’re 14 percent more likely to be swiped right on if you smile, because you are signaling to people that you are open and receptive,” Carbino says.It’s also important to face forward in profile pictures as we infer a great deal from someone’s eyes.“People need to reframe the idea of choices being viable rather than just options,” Carbino says.Should you deem a person worthy of getting to know better, Carbino suggests moving things offline “as quickly as possible”–within a week of matching, if you’re comfortable with it.It was a single date.” While Carbino believes most people on Bumble are looking for a relationship–85 percent of users, to be exact–finding a match comes down to communication.If you’re concerned about someone’s intentions, “put it in your bio: I’m using Bumble to find a relationship,” she suggests.

Bumble is oft-hailed as the "feminist dating app" for its structure that requires women send the first message to a match.

The same judgment calls our hunter-gatherer ancestors made in the field are present when we cross the street to avoid someone suspicious or swipe left or right on Bumble: In all instances, we’re splicing small bits of information together to form a rudimentary snapshot of who someone is, and a lot of that information is gathered within seconds.

“We learn a lot about somebody from a photograph,” Carbino says.

“When you’re talking to somebody online, you’re able to construct an identity of who you think they are. You want the reality to be matching more with who they are in person rather than the reality of something in your head,” she says. You don’t want a pen pal.” “Bumble has photo verification tools, but it’s always good to do your research and make sure the people you’re going out with are who they are purporting themselves to be,” Carbino says.

While she cautions against giving out sensitive information before you know the person, she does think it’s reasonable to ask a potential date for their last name.

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