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While she seemed to have beaten her drug habit, her fascination with the occult, in particular the O. He would also just say controversial stuff purely to subvert people's perceptions of him in the media. In 2002 he was ranked 73 in a BBC poll to find the greatest Britons of all time. Crowley is now regarded as a misunderstood, mystical genius, or alternatively, a depraved charlatan, a prophet for an era of spiritual enlightenment or a satanic harbinger of the Anti-Christ, an agent for the sexual liberation of mankind or drug-addicted pederast.

If you read any of his work, he makes this abundantly clear. So, were his spiritual visions true or has he conned thousands of followers? As a youth, Crowley yearned for celebrity status and to change the course of history and, in his own way, he has accomplished both objectives.

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That, more or less, was the end of Aleister Crowley and probably would have remained so, had Born 3 February 1927, Kenneth Anger is an American underground avant-garde film-maker and author who predicted his own death would occur on 31 October (All Hallows Eve) 2008. ')"; on Mouse Out=" = '#8d8145'; hideddrivetip()"Kenneth Anger, a devotee of Crowley, not decided to visit Cefalu in 1955 to record a documentary relating to the Abbey of Thelema (Thelema Abbey - now considered a 'lost' film).

Nowadays, The Beast 666 has become a household name once again and he is certainly more famous now than ever he was during his lifetime.

This began twenty years after his death when the 'Fab Four' (The Beatles) from Liverpool included his face as one of the people they admired on the sleeve of their huge-selling 1967 LP - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Crowley is circled, second from the left in the back row).

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