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Appearance and a personal description are displayed as well, but these parts aren’t flashed out that clearly.

Seeking Arrangement adds an exotic flavor to its matchmaking by widely differentiating the profile structure for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babes.

In case a wealthy but lonely entrepreneur checks out the page of a cheerful young model, he can take note on the girl’s lifestyle expectation, showcasing the minimum amount of earnings needed to meet her interest.

On the other end, young ladies see Prince Charming’s treasury level before getting better acquainted. On the main page, three groups of recommended profiles appear (featured, new and background-checked), and for a more personalized results a manual search can be conducted with specific filters.

The overly simplified approach is conspicuous at the design as well.

The clear white background give the site a clean and easy look so that the profiles and their pictures stand out well.

Besides the visual changes, nothing has changed content-wise, so you won’t miss out on any features.

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Seeking Arrangement also throws in some unique features, such as the catalog of gift preferences, so affluent men can win the heart of their muse right away.

Seeking Arrangement promises a swift signup and they keep their word.

Besides the basic account credentials, you only need to clarify your gender and standing as either a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

First, your profile must be fully finished; otherwise the message bar remains inactive. There is one other way that would guarantee that all attractive women notice you, and that’s none other than the Gift Wishlist.

Sugar Babes have access to a huge catalogue of luxurious items from the most renowned jewelry, shoes, bags, perfumes and chocolates from which they can choose their favorites.

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