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The more feminine male archetypes like the were also swapped out for overtly masculine characters.

Largely, however, Voltage found that the love for bombastic romances was pretty cross-cultural.

The tone can vary from the melodramatic to the comedic.

The recent release of Last year, otome company Voltage Inc.

Following a successful Kickstarter where it made over double its original funding goal, was released on Steam to overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The story, about a girl who inherits an enormous estate that comes equipped with five handsome demons who need a place to crash, demonstrated how otome-inspired titles with Americanized subject matter and style are not only possible but welcome.

Fortunately her rubber duckie protects her from the hungry shark that has already taken a few nibbles out of some other HTFs.

Use your mouse to balance Petunia and try to keep her upright... Click on the ice cub with the mouse and throw it as far as possible.

“It is a genre that appeals to all women not just in Japan but all across the world, and we feel that creating global applications will fulfill the needs of women worldwide.” Though the international market for these female-targeted dating sims has yet to reach the same fervor seen in Japan, many believe this is a simple problem of accessibility.

Since then, the genre has garnered surprising success worldwide, attracting the attention of more than 22 million women last year.

That’s a large number, especially considering how obscure and outlandish the otome games’ content tends to be.

In the past, localized English versions of otome games either took too long to come out, or suffered from poor translation and alienating cultural references.

Nowadays, with the advent of North American dating sim companies like Voltage and Idea Factory, the West is finally being invited to take part in the fun — and perhaps even develop its own unique identity.

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