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In any case, note the subtle use of the word “procedures.” Not “treatments.” Not “medicines.” Not “therapies.” Procedures.Note how that is then juxtaposed against “alternative medicine” or “indigenous medicine.” This framing intentionally makes another false dichotomy: Between “procedures” of science-based medicine and the nice, fuzzy, happy “treatments” of alt-med.D.s, medical schools, big pharma, and incredibly expensive hospital care.On the other we have the semi-condoned field of alternative medicine that attracts millions of patients a year and embraces literally thousands of treatment modalities not taught in medical school. To Dossey, Chopra, and Roy, it’s all “big pharma” and incredibly expensive hospital care versus the “thousands of treatment modalities not taught in medical school”; i.e., big medicine, big pharma, and technology versus “natural cures.” If there’s one thing boosters of unscientific and pseudoscientific treatments want, it’s to be viewed as on par with science-based medicine, as an “alternative” but equal system.The plethora of acupuncture studies with sham acupuncture where the results show that sham acupuncture is just as effective as “real” acupuncture are more than enough evidence of that.

Actually, I’ve argued time and time again that the entire concept of “alternative medicine” versus science-based medicine is a false dichotomy.It begins with a false dichotomy: The current healthcare debate has brought up basic questions about how medicine should work.On one hand we have the medical establishment with its enormous cadre of M.As it turns out, this belief is by no means fully justified.relies almost exclusively on the placebo effect, and only recently has grudgingly started to attempt to include placebo controls.

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