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In the mainland, workers often move to Shenzhen or Guangzhou to work in factories, but their income is modest. She has three children and a father to support back in the Philippines.Many make the move to Hong Kong, as they hear that they can earn much more. Her mum passed away and she found herself having to pay off old debts, thus she had to come to Hong Kong to work.She wasn’t a sex worker until she emigrated and she said she had been in Guangzhou for roughly eight months. She borrowed the money and had to work in the mainland to pay her boss back.Now that her debt is paid off, she goes back and forth between Hong Kong and Guangzhou, and – lately – she sees more women working in bars in Hong Kong.Sex work in Hong Kong is legal, if it is practised in one room with one person only and nobody else but the sex worker profits from the exchange.This means that sex workers cannot have managers or security personnel.

It’s society that forces people to be a sex worker.” Sex workers who come from the mainland tend to hide the job from their family and friends, Hui said. She feels moderately safe in Hong Kong, although she said that she cannot be on the street.

According to Pang, the association’s historical data shows that past polls have produced a similar situation.

“Politicians ask the police to do more arrests just to get votes,” she said.

“The police go mad if they see us on the street, I’m always inside the bar,” she said.

Female sex workers are not the only ones trying to be discreet to avoid trouble.

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