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It is analogous in that it represents one or more elements on the page and can be used to refine the matched content or query the matched content.

When a assert $("p.d").previous() == $("p.c") assert $("p.e")All() == $("p.c").add("p.d") assert $("p.d").next() == $("p.e") assert $("p.c")All() == $("p.d").add("p.e") assert $("p.d").parent() == $("div.b") assert $("p.c").siblings() == $("p.d").add("p.e") assert $("div.a").children() == $("div.b").add("div.f")$("form").language = "gro" $("form").description = "Optionally statically typed dynamic lang" assert $("form").language == "gro" assert $("form").description == "Optionally statically typed dynamic lang" It’s currently not possible with Web Driver to simulate the process of a user clicking on a file upload control and choosing a file to upload via the normal file chooser.

Each of the potential page instances is initialized and checked to see if it matches the content the browser is actually currently at by running each pages at checker.

All of the page instances passed in must have an “at” checker defined otherwise an .

A Page Object simply models these as objects within the test code.

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This avoids the overhead of creating a new driver each time, which can be significant when working with a real browser. Spock, JUnit) automatically clear the browser cookies for the current domain at appropriate times such as after each test. object that is roughly analogous to a j Query object.Facing away from the developer, they should be the only thing that has a deep knowledge of the structure of the HTML of a page (or part of a page) It’s simplest to think of the methods on a Page Object as offering the "services" that a page offers rather than exposing the details and mechanics of the page.As an example, think of the inbox of any web-based email system.The j Query Java Script library provides an excellent API for (among other things) selecting or targeting content on a page and traversing through and around content. Geb itself does not include any kind of testing or execution framework.Rather, it works with existing popular tools like Spock, JUnit, Test Ng and Cucumber-JVM.

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