Linda blair dating rick james

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James reached out to Ray Charles, who had a long history of addiction, for advice on how to stay clean.

But Charles had nothing to offer, admitting, “I cut all my big hits when I was high.” James also discovered that Charles was drinking a large mug full of coffee and gin every 90 minutes. I was the Marquis de Sade.” James had sex with strange women on the floors of crack dens, and he and a girlfriend named Tanya were arrested for beating two different women in separate incidents.

Academy Award nominated actress, Linda Blair, has taken time to talk about her relationship with musician Rick James during the 1980s, in the years since his passing.

During her talk, Blair confessed how the relationship was troubled, and ultimately doomed, by James' steadily growing cocaine habit.

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Despite her unwillingness to go into much detail about the relationship, it is known that Blair and James dated for two years. Blair decided to move on with her life, and later discussed the decision, stating: "I could not bear to be around that.Rick James was crashing on Stephen Stills’ couch sometime in the late ’60s when he “awoke to see a young dude sitting on the floor in the lotus position, stoned as a motherf–ker,” with “blood dripping from his wrist.He seemed hypnotized by the flow of his own blood, saying things like, ‘Isn’t the blood beautiful? ’” James, fearing the mystery man would bleed to death, woke Stills, who responded, “Oh, f–k.If she said some john had beat her, I’d find the john and beat his ass. I let the girls go and went back to my music.” He returned to LA with Jay Sebring, “a cat who’d made millions selling hair products,” who agreed to invest in James’ music.One night, Sebring invited James and his girlfriend, Seville, to a party he was attending at Roman Polanski’s house, which was being thrown by the director’s wife, Sharon Tate.

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