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This can be a very complex and detailed document depending upon the unique situation of the marriage.Many spouses consult an attorney to provide this or they decide to prepare their own.This distinction can confuse people when they are living separate from each other and want to begin dating other people.For example, if Jane and John decide they want to divorce so John moves out.In these affairs, compromise works better than battle.Because Arkansas recognizes two different types of marriage - covenant and standard - court approval of a legal separation depends on the type of marriage a couple has.In a covenant marriage, the requirements for a legal separation are more difficult than they are in a standard marriage.

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A divorce or legal separation degree can be issued no sooner than 30 days after the petition is filed.If Jane begins dating Bob before she and John have formally signed a property settlement agreement, or before the Court has issued a final order for separate support and maintenance or approved a marital settlement agreement, Jane will have committed adultery, which would prohibit her from receiving alimony.Many clients do not understand that moving out does not change their marital status, and think they are “legally separated” and, therefore, can date like they did when they were single.This is simply not true, as there is no such thing as legal separation in South Carolina.If you have any questions about legally separating or getting divorced, schedule a consultation with our South Carolina family lawyer today.

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