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While the actress and mother of 11-year-old Suri has been rumored to have dated a handful of her costars (including Alexander Skarsgard and Josh Hartnett), only a few of them have actually been confirmed.

Now that she's finally going public with her relationship with Jamie Foxx, look back at the other lucky men who have stolen her heart over the years.

after the show’s reps announced that it would be closing two months early.

Poor Suri is clearly not thrilled with the paparazzi’s intrusion into her newly charmed childhood, but sadly, I don’t see their presence diminishing anytime soon.

I'd like to believe that, but I just don't think it's the case." "As easy as it is to make jokes about this, at the center of it is a woman that was once a very close friend of mine, so it's difficult for me to find the humor in this. We are since really good friends, so Joshua was my first love. " "With Katie we, in my opinion, we had this very strong chemistry so when we work together you can really explore that vein and how to express all of those emotions so that you have that skill set so the next time you need it, you can bring that level of emotion into it when you are working with somebody else." "But to be honest, the only [cast member] that I've kept in touch with is Josh Jackson.

But no, I don't mean extraterrestrial, I mean the married and baby portion." "I haven't talked to Katie for a year and a half, so I really can't comment on her [now]. We call each other every week since for a lot of years and I've came to London to applaud him, where he was playing a theatre's piece." "Josh [is my best friend].

When we started she was the sweetest, most innocent - I mean so green you couldn't believe it. He's a good listener and he's helped me deal with this whole new life that I have. He's fun to be around and I have a lot of respect for him." "Well, the whole world already knows that I really enjoy working with Katie Holmes.

And I think every Dawson's Creek fan knows that this season I had the chance to work with her very often.

Then we have the requisite selfless ex-lover of the damsel, Duke Joshua Jackson, who has been rumored to have been in touch with Katie following the dissolution of her marriage from the evil dragon." data-reactid="37" ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Cast Reunites 20 Years Later: See Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, James Van Der Beek and More!Katie Holmes is notoriously private, especially when it comes to her love life.Our friendship, romantic or otherwise, is strong and we get along brilliantly, so all that stuff has never been too much of a problem." "Katie [Holmes], at the beginning of Dawson's Creek was so natural - she'd never really worked before, so the words would go in her ear and come out her mouth with no filter and it was beautiful to watch." "I haven't heard from [Katie] in a long time now, eighteen months. It's funny because we get on each other's nerves, and we joke about it, and we tell each other." "It's very rare when I find myself becoming an audience and you lose your place when you are so enraptured of what the other person is doing and you become an audience member.[...] You know, she's obviously moved off into a different part of her life, so I somehow doubt she's sitting around waiting for my call. If it wasn't for her that show wouldn't have worked." "I'm more likely to go for a dark-haired man. The other person was Katie." "That's true [that I'm really close to Josh], our relationship lasted during all the first season of Dawson's Creek and part of the second season.

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