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One of my favorite details in all of Floyd Bennett Field is the insignia on the roof: The building’s clock, also from another era: But probably the most fascinating element is the control tower…

…which was actually added when the Navy took over the field in the 1940’s.

Before La Guardia and JFK, Floyd Bennett Field was New York City’s first airport, at a time when nearly all air traffic was based out of Newark.

Floyd Bennett Field was built at the southern end of Brooklyn on what was once known as Barren Island.

The hangar is often open to the public, and it’s definitely worth checking ahead before visiting: your way to FBF.

Starting from, say, the Brooklyn Bridge, your goal should simply be to head South and East.

Named for the famed Arctic pilot (who in fact lied about reaching the North Pole), the official dedication was marked by the flyover of 672 army aircraft.

Today, the aerial view of Floyd Bennett looks very much the same: FBF was declared part of the Gateway National Recreation Area in 1972, with a number of its buildings added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Interpreting Witness Testimony and Depositions: Why Consecutive Interpreting is Considered Best Practice In this all day workshop, the instructor will provide participants with opportunities to practice interpreting witness testimony and depositions in order to evaluate first hand why these should only be done consecutively.I can’t tell you how many times I get asked to find a warehouse like this for hitmen to meet in. I mean, look at this – would you want to meet someone here if you were a hitman?? I love the old wooden doors: A bench in profile: This particular warehouse looks creepier from the side: Inside the entrance to the warehouse……and how it looks further in (obviously split into two floors): Finally, I took a swing by Hangar B, built in 1941 by the Navy to house sea planes.I’m guessing they’re offices or barracks dating to the field’s Naval usage, which lasted until the site was decommissioned in 1971: At some point, I think this also was used by a police operation, perhaps the United States Park Police. This is quite possibly THE most suspicious place you could be caught meeting a client in.Today, of course, it’s as abandoned as everything else: Inside, your standard municipal color scheme: Room after empty room: Old parking spaces marked on the ground: I love finding old sidewalks in overgrowth: Inside one of the larger rooms – note the enormous National Parks sign on its side: Same room, different angle: In between buildings (ha, I actually dropped my keys here while I was exploring; I still can’t believe I managed to find them! Another building, its roof collapsing: Clear across the field are a few more buildings of note. WHY DO PEOPLE INSIST ON REPEATING THIS CLICHE OVER AND OVER AGAIN??

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