Is he married or dating someone else msn portfolio manager not updating

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He said he didn’t want to get married and now he’s engaged or married. If you are obsessing about the relationship, him, the who, what, why’s and when’s, the shoulda, woulda, couldas, and the can’t, won’t, don’ts, you are either in standstill or regressing into the past because You are putting yourself at the centre of his decision to be with someone else or his actions after you. It’s not about her because you are two different people and the likelihood is that if he was effed up when you were with him and he’s taken up with someone else, he hasn’t changed which means that there is something about the relationship with her that let’s him believe that he can continue being himself.He said he wouldn’t leave his wife and now he has…for a different girl. In reality, that’s giving yourself too much credit for impact, and him too much credit for actually having that much connection to his thoughts! You also need to remember that with men who habitually mess women around, they ALWAYS blow hot at first which means that when you are losing your mind obsessing over him, he’s going through the same hot phase that he treated YOU to at the beginning.All this time I thought he didn’t want to get married.

Even if you sat there and analysed every conversation, action, flick of the hair, and slip of the tongue over your entire relationship, it’s a waste of your time that will never give you all the answers. ’ or ‘Why am I pining for someone who doesn’t want, love, or respect me?

’ What I do know is that there is absolutely nothing to be gained by it and obsessing about it represents yet another avoidance tactic where instead of taking the focus off him and bringing it back to you, you instead look for reasons to stay emotionally invested in the situation even when he’s gone.

What is there to be gained by knowing he’s with her?

They recognise red flags, have clear boundaries and know when to opt out because they recognise that these men are no good.

These are the ones that these foolish men will pursue and often lose their minds over.

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