Internet explorer tools for validating xml

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The Microsoft XSD Inference utility is used to create an XML Schema definition language (XSD) schema from an XML instance document.The input must be a well-formed XML instance document, and not an XML fragment.IE needs to support all of these web platform variations to ensure that our broad, world-wide, user-base has the best experience.

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This list is down by over 1000 websites, from over 3100 to just over 2000, since IE8 released last March.

In order to serve as a test for our new architecture, Version 1.0 of the Web Service is limited to providing information about top downloads from

Future releases will build on this architecture to provide access to a broader variety of Microsoft content and services.

The only allowable non-XML file types are TXT, PDF, RTF and JPG.

The Web Service is an XML Web service that will enable you to integrate information and services from MSDN, Technet, other sites, and Microsoft Support.

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