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He was never seen again, presumably crushed by low-quality amatuer porn. However, despite this being the most accepted thoery, there are other ideas, mostly about reanimation conspiracies.

He placed them in the Garden of Pointless Information, and set an FBI agent to watch over it.The large amount of boredom dioxide in the air here is enough to suffocate the average internet inhabitant mostly thanks to this website and Facebook.The outer rim is sparsely inhabited, and consists mostly of moms, aunts, uncles, old people, seniors, and people on Yahoo reading the daily "LATEST IN" and engaging in email conversations who, contrary to popular belief, actually believe they are "tech savvy".Based on a fork of an early prototype build of Usenet bulletin boards, the Internet was originally built by ARPANET and the Defense Data Network in the early 1980s.It was then made accessible to a wider audience via Tim Berners-Lee's World Wide Web in the early 1990s, and an even wider audience via Bill Gates's Windows 95 in the mid-1990s; however, your Average Joe likely wouldn't know all this and would just assume Bill Gates (or Al Gore) "invented" the Internet.

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