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According to The Inner Circle’s co-founder Michael Krayenhoff, the app’s goal is to Translation: Only the successful and attractive need apply.

In general, users tend to be corporate types, although Krayenhoff said the user pool in New York included “lots of founders and creatives.”The app’s founder David Vermeulen has said the Inner Circle’s “ideal user” is 25-45 years old, well educated, and has an “inspiring and ambitious profession.”The average age of the users on the app is 30 years old.

Hopefully The Inner Circle will expand to even more North American cities soon.

Once you’ve entered some basic information, you’ll be added to the waiting list: Inner Circle waiting list time varies, but it can stretch into weeks. The good news is there are two ways to speed up the process: The bad news is there’s no way to skip the verification process.When your virtual number is called, your profile will be vetted by The Inner Circle team, and standards are high.If you’re deemed successful and attractive enough, you’re in.If you’re well-educated, ambitious, successful, and reading this right now, chances are you’re not too optimistic about meeting your ideal match on Tinder.You’d like a more curated list of matches who are kinda, well, more like you.

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