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Get Wet Eva II is fully waterproof (so, totally submersible), while Eva I is water *resistant* (it can handle a lil’ splash).Good Vibes Eva I and Eva II have the same three vibrating modes/levels, but Eva II’s got more rumble Charging A USB cable plugs right into Eva I’s body, while Eva II has a sleek wireless charging case to both charge and transport in Button Placement Eva I’s button is front and center, while Eva II’s button sits right on top, for easier and more intuitive access.It wasn’t all that long ago that most people didn’t care about their sex toy material or thought they were the problem.It’s only been 10 years that we’ve had increasingly more access to silicone sex toys. A recent Swedish study showed that hazardous chemicals were also declining.We’ve seen some sex toy lab tests over the years and boy have things changed. These recent test results fail to explain why so many people still get chemical burns from use, especially with Doc Johnson sil-a-gel-added products.In the mid-2000’s the Danish EPA tested many sex toys, with poor results where toxicity is concerned – the same could be said for the first tests run by Smitten Kitten / done in 2006; but the sex toy industry has come a long way since then. You will find information here on toxic toys and “non-toxic but not body-safe” toys.We have still have sex toys that contain phthalates, but phthalates aren’t the only harmful chemical being used.

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With flexible wings that tuck under the labia while Eva II sits on top, you can have clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex.In September of 2014, Smitten Kitten again sent out a bunch of sex toys to be tested, the results are found here. There are shades of grey when it comes to the dangers and yes, some people will experience no ovbious side effects.This page also will provide links to DIY hom sex toy “tests” and will aim to dispel some myths about silicone sex toys.No studies have been done on the effects of using a sex toy that mildewed.Cheap glass dildos are a dime a dozen in the industry, but are they safe?

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