Girls who wanna facetime

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The once quiet and shy boy you outspoke as a child is not afraid to stand up for you. [Only you were mature enough and ready to drive at 16.] There is no way that he is already 18 and can vote.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so we’re told.So many times, girls get a bad rep for the teenage phase, but let me tell you, teenage boys have just as much sass if not more than the average hormonal girl.But you also realize that you will get through it, and he is still your sweet brother somewhere deep, deep down.He's your person, and you have come to find out that he actually gives great advice when you give him the chance to talk.No matter how old my brother gets, we still say "I love you" every night and he will always be my little baby brother who I watch over and protect, always.

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