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In September 2011, there were 240 permits in all of Los Angeles County when the population was about 7.6 million adults. Of the 240 permits, most go to judges and reserve deputies (who are big campaign donors).Ten percent of permit holders are on Sheriff Lee Baca’s “gift list” In addition, the attack was at a residential dwelling, not a public place.The Bloomberg discussions are indented and put in block quotes.After the quotes there is an explanation for why they shouldn’t be counted as mass public shootings.The FBI also defines “public” places as “includ[ing] commercial areas (divided into malls, businesses open to pedestrian traffic, and businesses closed to pedestrian traffic), educational environments (divided into schools [pre-kindergarten through 12th grade] and IHEs), open spaces, government properties (divided into military and other government properties), houses of worship, and health care facilities.” For almost thirty years, the FBI defined mass shootings as involving four or more people killed.

Those with permits were mainly judges, prosecutors, and wealthy businessmen.

The issue of gun-free zones is particularly important for mass public shootings. Shootings that occur in people’s homes will often involve killers who know if guns are owned in the home.

And if there is a gun in the home, the killer will know who has access to it.

Thus, while CPRC’s research and that by Landes and Lott looks at Mass public shootings focuses on the killings where the point of the attack is simply to kill as many people as possible, Bloomberg’s numbers overwhelmingly involve killings that have occurred within residences.

The FBI definition of mass public shootings excludes “shootings that resulted from gang or drug violence” or that were part of some other crime.

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