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The storage contains the information as a tree of files.When connecting to the storage, the Meta Editor user reads and writes these files.The user always works with a local copy of data and, if necessary, sends changes to the repository. Each time you update the directory/file in the repository, the revision number is incremented for this directory/file and for the entire root directory.

file or directory is out of date try updating-7

Each commit of changes to the repository using the " Commit to Storage" command is logged.If the addresses are different (look carefully for typos), then you have multiple accounts and your devices will not sync.To fix this, sign out and then sign in again with the correct account. If a file name has an incompatible character, it will prevent sync from working.This step-by-step article walks you through troubleshooting steps, starting with the easiest fixes. Before you start: If Dropbox is installed, you’ll see the icon in the system tray or menu bar, or your computer’s list of applications. Selective sync is a feature that allows you to select which files sync from to the Dropbox folder on your computer. To see if the files missing from your computer were selectively synced: If you’re still having trouble, move on to step 5.If you don’t see Dropbox in either of these locations, then Dropbox is not installed. If Dropbox is installed and running, you’ll see the icon in the system tray or menu bar, and this icon will be black or show syncing status. Sometimes restarting your computer will reset your internet connection and allow Dropbox to sync properly. Sometimes quitting and relaunching the Dropbox app will restart sync.

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