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I sometimes make these amplifiers into the typical ‘classic’ circuit seen in ‘Tweed’ Bassman and Marshall amplifiers.At the least, replace the .25u F capacitors in the tone stack, and the .1u F capacitor feeding the ‘Treble’ control, to more guitar friendly values.

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For the ‘modern’ guitar player interested in a ‘raw’ tone for classic Rock ‘n’ Roll or Blues, these heads are still hard to beat.

There are a plethora of Bassman ‘heads’ out there, and just as many circuit variations.

This leads to some poor soul complaining that his Bassman doesn’t sound like the one used by his favorite guitar player. Well, by following this guide, you can decide which Bassman head is best suited to you.

Now we’ll look at a few close-ups inside the circuitry of these Bassman heads, and find out why they may not be good for today’s players, and what we can do to ‘improve’ them.

I’ll remind you again, keep the ‘old’ parts in a little ‘Zip-Loc’ baggie.

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