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How parents and teenagers handle these conflicts, however, is what determines whether there will be parent teenager problems.

When issues are handled calmly and fairly, fewer problems tend to arise, though this all depends on the individual teenager and parent relationship.

Besides, as GM crops are faster and cheaper to grow, it will be possible to increase production and lower the cost of food.

To conclude, scientists should continue studying possible side effects connected with the consumption of GM foods.

Thirdly, fast food is high in fat, sugar and calories and full of chemical additives.

For example, a can of Coke contains about eight teaspoons of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Fast food is very popular, especially among teenagers.

Nevertheless, is such food healthy or should we avoid it?

Secondly, GM crops provide benefits to the environment through a reduction in the use of pesticides.

For example, introducing a gene into a plant may create a new allergen. Anyway, I still believe that there is nothing to worry about.

So far, there is no proof that GM foods are bad for your health.

There are many books available about parent and teenager relationships that can help improve communication within families.

Fast food restaurants like Mc Donald’s serve millions of people in more than 100 countries each day.

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