Error validating the default for column date

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To correct this error, read the information in the message box (particularly the Error Message text) to try to determine why the rows cannot be deleted.

If you still want to delete the rows, use this information to understand what you can change in the table definition that will allow you to delete the rows.

Validation created for site-level columns applies everywhere that column is used, although the formula can be overridden at the app where the site-level column is used.You might have one form for all users but, depending on their role, require different information from each group of users.As a result, you can use a data validation error to display a validation error if a user that has been assigned to a particular role forgets to fill in a required field.If they choose today's date (The Date of Request field) they have to choose at least One ( 1 day) (the Requested Posting Date) into the future and everything is working there, but they can choose a past date which is causing some issues.How would I go about setting up the formula above that I am currently using to only allow you to choose today's date for the Date of Request field and nothing in the past?

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