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Fire up Firefox, try to get to the Internet and bang!So, since no other machine on that broadband access has the issue, it is not router relateb, but PC related.

The film is an intermezzo films, Mnemosyn Films and DFFB coproduction.

Several time in a week it is in the state where wan interface do not have ip-adress at all but on Modem-Network Status "Connection Monitoring Status : UP ( ) (using Ping Test)".

Connect the Rasp Pi LAN cable to the Linksys WAN and you will have internet.

You can find the online platform here Good luck everyone.

SARAH SPIELT EINEN WERWOLF (R: Katharina Wyss, B: Katharina Wyss, Josa Seskin, K: Armin Dierlof, P: Christophe Marzal) und HAGAZUSSA (R/B: Lukas Feigelfeld, K: Mariel Baqueiro, P: Simon Lubinski, Lukas Feigelfeld) laufen im Spielfilmwettbewerb des Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis.

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